Healthy eSports Athletes

Athletes who participate in eSports require putting as much effort in their training as other athletes do. The point of engaging in vigorous exercise is to help the athletes build the stamina that they need to win in their competitions. Athletes who take part in games such as football are prone to injuries, and though most of the esports take place in the digital world, injuries are becoming commonplace.

For an athlete get through a whole day of tournaments while maintaining focus and fighting fatigue, it is necessary that they stay healthy and engage in regular training.

The importance of staying healthy

eSport athletes

Quality of practice

Starcraft 2 player Samayan Kay says that most players he comes across in the digital world have taken to some form of training to lead a healthy lifestyle. He says it is especially prevalent among those who are playing at the highest levels. The importance of training and leading a healthy lifestyle, he says, is that you get to impact on your quality of practice positively. It also enhances your mindset and makes you better at focusing.

Effects of lack of healthy lifestyles


Athletes can spend up to fourteen hours practicing, thus leaving very little time for sleeping and eating healthy meals. This kind of a lifestyle can affect even the most seasoned players and lead to severe health complications.

Players have undergone surgeries to correct health problems that are a result of too much strain. In the year 2011, Lee Young Ho underwent an operation to repair tendonitis, and three years later, another seasoned player known as Clinton Loomis underwent treatment for tennis elbow. It is becoming more apparent that esports athletes are in need of healthy lifestyles.

How esports athletes stay healthy

Doctors attest to the fact that esports athletes can avoid serious health complications by engaging in some forms of physical activity.

Start slow

As a beginner in the digital sports, it is essential that you take your time to build your stamina. Start off with a few hours of practice then build up your endurance with time. This kind of approach will help you reduce the amount of strain that you subject to your elbows and wrists. Continuous stress leads to inflammation which can lead to even more severe problems.

Advance slowly; ensure that you sit up straight and that your feet are on the floor as you practice.


Yes, esports athletes take part in strength training activities now and then. The idea behind this kind of exercise is that it helps their tendons become stronger with time. Ligaments that receive the adequate amount of nutrition required are less likely to become inflamed during practice.

This kind of training also makes their hands more limber, enabling them to withstand long hours of practice without giving in to fatigue.

Cardiovascular exercises

The benefits of this kind of training are numerous. Not only do you reduce the chances of suffering a stroke but you also build the endurance of your heart muscles. As you train, your body requires more oxygen, and more blood gets pumped throughout your body. In this way, the volume of blood in your system increases with time as do your hemoglobin levels.

Another benefit gained from this kind of exercise is the redistribution of white blood cells across your body. White blood cells are required to fight off disease-causing pathogens and as such, the more there are in your body, the more immune you are to diseases.

Renowned esport athlete, An Van Le, does not miss a day of training no matter how hectic his training day gets. He says that after an hour at the gym, he feels more energized and it helps him think more clearly, giving him an edge over his competitors.

Esports athletes can take part in various forms of physical activities ranging from jogging to tennis.


Getting enough hours of sleep at night goes a long way in ensuring that esports athletes have clarity of mind as they play. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to numerous health complications and as such, they make sure that they get shut-eye for the recommended hours.

A good diet

Athletes need to stay healthy by eating the right kind of food. Doctors recommend that they eat adequate fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates per day. Cutting back on salt is also supported.

Taking breaks

In between your training, you are recommended to take numerous breaks in between to stretch and relax as this will reduce the strain you subject your eyes and neck. During breaks, choose healthy food and avoid consuming foods that are rich in fats and sugars.

Spending too much time practicing can take a toll on your health. However, you can follow some measures to ensure that you excel at your tournaments without suffering from serious health problems.