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Welcome to The Tone Zone

Welcome to Health & Fitness

Our Health & Fitness Suite offers state of the art fitness facilities with something for everyone to enjoy. Our fully qualified team of instructors are on hand to provide advice, support and motivation to ensure that your time with us is beneficial and that you achieve your goals.

Health & Fitness

Reason's why health & fitness are important:

  • Health: A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being
  • Fitness: The condition of being suitable or appropriate
  • Fitness: The cultivation of an attractive and healthy physique
  • Fitness: The ability to perform a function

Benefits of exercise

Reason's why exercise is important:

  • Improves sleep pattern, stamina, strength, speed, flexibility and performance (work or play)
  • Reduces risk of heart disease, lung cancer, diabetes, strokes and more
  • Delays the onset of ageing diseases
  • Normalises blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Decreases stress, anxiety and depression
  • Makes you feel good

Types of exercise

The types of exercise available include: Swimming and Fitness Classes

  • Cardiovascular; large muscle groups moving through their full range of motion together over a sustained period creating the need to utilize oxygen to produce fuel
  • Resistance; small muscle groups working independently against a fixed or free load

Reasons to exercise

  • Look good naked
  • Keep up with the kids
  • Carry the shopping home with ease
  • Buy a new wardrobe a size smaller
  • Don't just run for the bus, run to work
  • Climb stairs without stopping
  • What's your reason?

Methods of training

  • Interval - an even mixture of work and recovery
  • Fartlek - a random mixture of work and recovery
  • Split - working all muscle groups but each one on a specific session
  • Pyramid - increasing intensity throughout the sessions to reach a peak
  • Supersets - working opposing muscle groups alternately without rest
  • Personal - hands on, session specific, guided support and sometimes unconventional

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Wellness System

Our instructors use this state of the art system to plan, design, track and progress your individual exercise regime. All you have to do is talk to us then use the TGS Key with equipment. The Wellness System takes away the fear of what to do next.

Induction Process

To get the most from your membership our induction process will introduce you to exercises in our studios that will be most beneficial to you based on your health & fitness goals. Includes a health questionnaire and goal setting discussion.


With over 100 years experience between us our trainers are all at least level 2 qualified, most are level 3, which means more in depth knowledge.